Do You Have What It Takes To Be Published In An Anthology?

This website was designed to help people submit to the Animal Anthology Project. Please consider sending us your work! 

We owe most of our success to writers like you for the wonderful contributions of inspiration, hope, overcoming life's challenges and realized dreams related to animals. We welcome stories and poems from contributors of any age.

Our goal is to create anthologies with quality non-fiction writing, fiction writing, and artwork from people across the country. Currently we are accepting writing for our three anthologies: Animal Fiction, Top 100 Animal Tales, and Teens & Animals.

The best writing and artwork will be selected and may get published in the anthology. Anyone is welcome to submit their story or artwork, whether they are an animal lover, professional, teenager, or student.
Thank You!

 Our tentative deadline for our current anthologies are December 31, 2010


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