What We're Looking For

Anyone can submit their work to Animal Anthologies so long as it is of a high quality and is somehow related to animals. We encourage all ages to submit their work for the chance to be published- whether you be an amateur, professional, student, or adult. Here are our basic guidelines.

Non-Fiction Writing:

We prefer writing to be between 200 and 3500 words. In Non-Fiction we would like to receive Personal Essays or Opinion Essays. Personal Essays would be true stories that are somehow related to animals. Stories should be intriguing, suspenseful, heartfelt, or entertaining to read. Tell an exciting, sad or funny story about something that has happened to you or someone you know. Make sure that you introduce the character(s). Opinion Essays should be clear, concise, and not vague. They should describe your view on a topic related to animals.

Fiction Writing:

We would lke your fiction writing to be between 200 and 3500 words and be entertaining to readers. Fiction writing can be about anything. It can be poetry, a story written in an animal's point of view, realistic fiction, or just about anything. Use your imagination and make it creative!


We ask that you email or mail a copy of your artwork to us. There are no rules accept that it has to somehow relate to animals and be a good quality piece.


We will publish only the best submissions! Good luck!

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