Our Mission

Animals are a huge part in our lives. Some of us have pets that comfort us in difficult times, inspire us, or do amazing, miraculous things. Others work with African Wildlife or have a special bond with an animal they work with at the zoo. Whatever your story is, we were created with the goal to create anthologies with quality writing and artwork from people across the country reflecting the connection between humans and animals. Currently we are accepting writing for our three anthologies: Animal Fiction, Top 100 Animal Tales, and Teens & Animals.

Founded by Christine Catlin, a teenage writer and animal lover, Animal Anthologies has grown exponentially. The anthologies can be described as a cross between the "Chicken Soup" series, "James Harriot" books, and animal fiction. Freedom of speech is encouraged and every submission is read and analyzed thoroughly. In writing submissions we prefer short stories.

We will contact you if we have selected your work for publication. Writers, write your animal stories! Artists, create your masterpieces! We accept non-fiction and fictional writing. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

This project helps benefit animal-rescue organizations. See the FAQ page for more details.

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